Red Bicycle is a web design firm located in Lincoln, Nebraska that is devoted to creating beautiful websites.


The MIQRA Institute of Biblical Studies

The MIQRA Institute of Biblical Studies is an organization that offers numerous courses, workshops, and materials intended to help people read, understand, and engage the Bible better. The Institute had made the decision to post all of their extensive journals online, and they needed a flexible content management solution for that—enter ExpressionEngine. In addition to journal articles, the site features an extensive resources section containing book reviews, blog entries, and library listings—all of which are indexed and searchable by Biblical book and/or topic.


Redeemer is a new church plant in the city of Lincoln. Spun off from Zion Church shortly after that church experienced a tragic fire that burnt down its historic building, Redeemer has been meeting for nearly three years. Redeemer is focused on the downtown area of Lincoln and offers a diverse ministry that seeks to serve everyone from business professionals to college students to downtown artists. The new website, which was created in collaboration with Eleanor Creative, was designed to be flexible so that it grows as the church grows. To that end, it was built on ExpressionEngine, making it easy for various people to maintain and update.

Franklin Arts

Franklin Arts is a one-man shop devoted to creating intriguing, captivating, and beautiful works of digital artwork. I recently rebuilt and launched the website on the ExpressionEngine content management system, which allows Franklin Arts to easily manage and display their growing collection of art in a number of different ways, e.g., galleries, spotlights, category listings. They can also easily manage their site structure and navigation, blog news articles, and even manipulate aspects of the site’s visual design and layout. The site features a fully-featured shopping cart, a powerful search engine, and easy-to-use member registration and management functionality.


This website is no longer supported by Red Bicycle, Inc., and so some of the following information may be out-of-date.

I’ve been a fan of the ExpressionEngine content management system for a number of years now. Indeed, I’d go so far as to say that I owe EllisLab a huge debt for the way that ExpressionEngine changed how I develop websites. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to work on the redesign of the ExpressionEngine website, during which I took the beautiful design work of Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain and Simon Collison—two designers I greatly admire—and converted them to HTML/CSS mockups for the eventual ExpressionEngine integration.

The Flatwater Group

The Flatwater Group is an environmental consulting group specializing in “restoration design, water resources, planning, and environmental engineering.” Because of the large number of clients and projects that they deal with, the site not only needed to be an excellent showcase for the projects they had done, but also a way to manage current and ongoing projects. Using ExpressionEngine, I built a site that allows them to create project-specific “mini-sites” with blogs and photo galleries that can then easily be rolled into the main site when the project has been completed.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Toronto After Dark is an annual film festival dedicated to spotlighting the latest and greatest in horror, sci-fi, action, and cult cinema. The website is the festival’s primary tool for promotion as well as communication with their growing and passionate audience. Built on ExpressionEngine, the site has been developed to make it easy for the festival to manage its navigation and content, including film and schedule info. The site also features several tools to help visitors stay informed and spread the word about the festival (e.g., Twitter and Constant Contact integration, social networking tools, page-sharing functionality).


This website is no longer supported by Red Bicycle, Inc., and so some of the following information may be out-of-date.

Twitch is one of the world’s premier film websites, dedicated to focusing on “strange little films from around the world.” I did the original design for this site in 2005, and subsequently, the site’s traffic increased at a phenomenal rate. A new design was soon needed to handle the increasing demands of Twitch’s readers without losing the visual look that its readers appreciated. A new design was created in 2007 with new functionality that kept the informal blog look and feel that served the site so well in the past. Also, the entire site was moved to ExpressionEngine. All of the site’s components—blogs, forums, galleries—now ran on one platform. The site’s authors could publish content more quickly and efficiently. Additional development included banner ad integration and the addition of a third-party video service for the massive amounts of trailers and clips that Twitch and its readers gathered over the years.


Red Bicycle blew us away with its creativity and innovativeness on our film festival’s website launch. We were delighted with the user-friendly and eye-catching design of our site which was directly referenced by numerous fans in our audience survey as being one of the biggest reasons they decided to check out our event.

I came to Jason for help when I realized I was in over my head with a relatively complex project, and I can honestly say that without his services I would not have met my deadline. He responded quickly and graciously and was willing, even, to talk me through his development process. Working with Jason was, for me, like a very practical training session.

Jason was a pleasure to work with. Very professional and delivers a product over and above expectations. Jason understands the big picture and is the best when it comes to developing websites.

Red Bicycle read my mind. The design and functionality was exactly what I had envisioned. I couldn’t be more pleased with the website. [It] has truly done wonders for my business—and it’s only been live for a few weeks!

Jason Morehead is everything I could have asked from a web programmer: fast, reliable, and efficient. Because he was dedicated to my project, I was able to reach my deadlines and service my own clients.

An absolute dream to work with: responsive, blazing fast and very, very skilled. A perfect blend of talent and service, I can’t recommend highly enough.

There are two [things] to know about working with Jason. His work is top quality. You always know you’re getting solid, well written code. Second, Jason kills scope creep dead. He’ll work with you to make sure the project stays on time, on budget, and launches successfully.

About Red Bicycle


In 1995, a co-worker handed me an article on something called HTML. I began typing up simple websites in Notepad when I had some free time, and never looked back. Since then, I’ve been continually honing my skills, working to become as fluent in HTML and PHP as I am in Photoshop. As Red Bicycle’s sole designer, my goal is to ensure that every website I work on is well-crafted. This means that they are aesthetically pleasing and beautiful to look at, easy for the sites’ visitors to use and navigate, easy to for clients to maintain, and consistent with web development best practices (e.g., web standards, accessibility standards).

I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in advertising (as well as minors in English, history, and art history, if you’re curious). I then began working for what would eventually become Firespring, a marketing company with over 3,000 clients around the globe (including Fedex Kinko’s, St. Baldrick’s, and Minuteman Press International, Inc.). My focus at Firespring is on user interface design, web application development, and content management solutions.

In addition to my design work at both Firespring and Red Bicycle, I have also led seminars on topics ranging from modern web development and search engine optimization to Japanese pop culture and Arcade Fire’s music. When I’m not working on other people’s websites, I am often working on my own: Opus, a long-running website where I write about music, film, art, religion, and whatever else interests me at the time.

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I am currently not available to work on web development projects. Please send any questions and requests to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). I will respond as quickly as I can.